Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

Text by Clement C. Moore from an original story; Art by Walt Kelly. From Four Color No. 126, November 1946. Merry Christmas and Joy to All!


  1. Re-read this about a month ago. Perfect choice.

  2. After this story had been illustrated so many time, it's still nice to see Kelly's "take." He does a very nice traditional version of it too. I love the mouse with his head on that tiny pillow; and the dog sleeping at the foot of the bed. Thanks Mykal
    happy Christmas,

  3. Man~ this rendition FLOWS so well from page to page~! I am unworthy to dip into Walt Kelly's ink well~! I feel like I should get on my knees and bow down before and after viewing~!

  4. Gary: Thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

    R/e: Merry Christmas to you, as well! and thanks.

    Lysdexicuss: Kelly has that effect on my as well. His abilities seem nearly supernatural!

    Thanks, everyone! -- Mykal

  5. Perfect post, Mykal!
    The classic Christmas poem as drawn by the beloved Kelly! This was brand new to me, Kelly did a great job doing this 'straight' interpretation - loved it, but I kinda wish he had 'let loose' a bit more, didn't feel as joyous and cute as Kelly could sometimes get. Still , 'twas wunnerful!
    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  6. Apocolyte: Thanks, my friend! -- Mykal


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