Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Winky the Toymaker"

Here’s one more of Irving Tripp’s magical tales of Christmas. Somehow, Tripp captured “child” in every panel. This is from (again) Four Color No. 958, December 1958. All scans are from my own comic.

Who knew Santa was so involved in the day-to-day quality control of production? He’s a real boss in this story with a gift for problem solving - and a huge heart. Please think of this one as the official Big Blog Christmas Card to you and yours. Merry Christmas, friends one and all! – Mykal


  1. everyone would like to acknowledged for their contributions to the betterment of all, however humble...

  2. Lolita! Thanks for coming by, and Merry Christmas!! -- Mykal

    Prof. Exactly! -- Mykal

  3. I love this little tale. That second to the last panel, where Santa is holding Winky, and the little elf is just beaming with joy :)
    Wow,Santa is a stickler (checking for undercoating)
    Y'know if a parent got to this story before his kid, the parent would have been able to take a marker and put "Winky" on the bottom of a toy or two.. would've been neat.
    Happy Christmas Mykal

  4. R/e: I know! Clearly Santa's is a non-union shop! -- Mykal

  5. Why, what a sweet, hearwarming story this is! I love it! :)


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