Thursday, December 31, 2009

Giggle Comics - "This is the House!"
Supermouse - "Say It With Flowers"

Let’s finish up 2009 with some work from two masters. First up is Jack Bradbury’s beautiful brushwork in a story featuring Spencer Spook. Bradbury’s panels always looked like brightly colored candy, good enough to eat. This is from Giggle Comics No. 46, October 1947. All scans are from my own comic.

Next let’s enjoy the wondrous work of Milt Stein in a Supermouse story. No one drew “Supie” like Stein. I love this story which has Supermouse providing us with a true superhero moment – proving himself as physically brave and powerful within his universe as Superman is in his. This is from Supermouse No. 7, May 1950. All scans are from my own comic. For a glimpse at the cover for this and previous story, click appropriate label at end of post.

This ad is from the same Supermouse issue. Have you ever noticed how many “get muscles today” ads ran in comics? What? Did advertisers think we comic lovers were all a bunch of skinny geeks? Did they have to rub it in?


  1. Wow! This is great!
    Bradbury and Stein at a stroke!
    You and your blog have been definitely one of the best things from this now dying year, Mykal! Thanks for all the good moments you have provided us with.
    I'll try to come back with comments later, but for the meantime...
    Happiness and success in the new year to come!


  2. Spencer Spook was unbelievably good. I need to hunt down Giggle Comics.

    I'm happy it's getting its due recognition from you on this blog.

  3. Thanks, Gabriel and Keith! Happy New Year! -- Mykal

  4. Gabriel and KW said it first and best, dittos
    I love Spencer smoking a cigar (sigh, for the good old days, can you even imagine a kids comic today letting the main character smoke?)
    Supermouse is such a decent chap!
    Mykal, your blog has been the happiest cyber discovery I've made in 2009(other than Gabriel's Joyville, and Keith's Blog of Evil, of course :) )
    Happy New Year

  5. Two perfect stories to end 2009 on. Your choice of stories so far has been right on, Mykal. Keep 'em coming.
    And Happy New Year to all.

  6. Awesome! I love Spencer Spook, got totally hooked on him at Those Fab 50's... so if you have more Mykal let's see 'em!

    Happy New Year too!

  7. Karswell: I love Spencer myself and think he was a particularily good character for Bradbury - really suited his style to a tee. More coming! -- Mykal

  8. Spencer Spook is pretty awesome. I picture him having a surly old man voice. It is kind of funny that he referred to his own body as a sheet though!

    Happy New Year, Mykal! :)

  9. Jacque: I don't know why, but I keep hearing for Spencer Mel Blanc as Elmer Fudd. Let's all have a great year, Jacque! -- Mykal


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