Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Surprise Christmas Present"

Santa knows if you’ve been good, and the boy in this tale has certainly been good for goodness’ sake. Thus, a convergence of miracles.

This was drawn by Irving Tripp and comes from Four Color No. 958, December 1958. Scans are from my own comic.


  1. I'll bet the STORK was pretty upset with Santa when this story hit the news stands~!

  2. Wow-Wow-Wow!
    What a wonderful, wonderful christmas gift! Great stuff, Mykal.
    Good to remember Irving Tripp and his cartooning skills now he's passed away this 27th November.
    He gave a magical touch to the children in his stories, uh? And this is not an exception.
    Are you going to post this issue in full?

  3. Lysdexicuss: I know! Santa is sort of stepping on his toes in this heartwarming tale (heartwarming, that is, for us non-storks).

    Gabriel: Yes, I will be posting every story from this issue before Christmas. More wonderful Tripp on the way!

    Thanks, guys! -- Mykal

  4. Dang nab it Mykal! I'm such a soft touch for these Orphan-type stories (especially this time of year) that, well, it "got to me"
    Thank you.

  5. r/e: I think this one kind of gets everyone! -- Mykal

  6. Sweet!
    What a sweet and charming little tale -- with some great lessons about giving. Tender, with a moral at the end. So sweet, I think you've just given me a case of diabetes.
    Thank you, Mykal(the comic posting machine)!

    Were boys named 'Tammie' much back then? Never heard that one on a boy before...

  7. Apocolyte: The story is perfect in that it's sweetness isn't layed on too thick. It's very, very sparse and simple. You got me on the Tammie question, though.

  8. What a sweet, heartwarming story, perfect for Christmas. I love this!


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