Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Claus in "Santa's Story"

Kids! It’s Christmas time – my favorite time of the year! You’ve been good all year, and now Santa’s going to load up his sleigh and . . . what was that? You’re worried you haven’t been all that good? Well, Santa knows you have goodness in you, and he loves you very much. How much? A lot – that’s how much. Read this story to find out how brave Santa is, and how big you are in his heart! He will do anything to get those presents to you!

This story is by Walt Kelly, and it is from Four Color No. 126, November 1946. All scans from my own comic.


  1. What fun Mykal! Kelly's light touch and delicate lines are a Christmas joy to behold. I like the bravery of the Snow Queen too.
    I'm glad the somewhat sinister looking Santa (his face) on the Cover doesn't carry over in the interior. Winky & Pinky look a bit like Nosferatu's illigitimate kids :)
    The giant's appearance in Santa's Workshop reminds me of Stromboli in Collodi's Pinochio.
    My favorite line in the story: "We rose like a duck hawk" now that's imagery

  2. Gosh~! It looks like just about anyone can add to the myth~ I mean~ real life story~ of ol' Saint Nick~! Thankfully, Walt Kelly did~!

  3. Thanks, guys: I thought this was such an unique Christmas story. The script was so flamboyant, and it was odd to see Santa treated like a real character, who could actually get into a tight situation. -- Mykal

  4. Delightful stuff by the chronically under-appreciated Kelly. Thanks, Mykal. Your scans are always gorgeous!

  5. Paul: Thanks a lot. I try to really take my time with scans, getting the best equipment I can afford, etc, etc. I like to think of my blog mission as being archival. This great art deserves the best scans I can muster.

    And I agree - Kelly is underappreciated as a children’s' comics artist. -- Mykal


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